Writers & Designers

The Shakespeare Papers grew out of a passion for the Shakespearean works and a passion for design.

Robin Williams began teaching graphic design in 1981, several years before the Macintosh started the desktop publishing revolution and changed the world. She moved into writing computer and design books for the new technologies. But all the while, she also continued her Shakespeare studies on the side, including courses at St. John’s College in Santa Fe and Oxford University in England. Recently she completed a Masters degree in Shakespeare Studies at Brunel University in London and is currently working on her doctorate in Shakespeare studies.

Since 2001, Robin has taught Shakespeare for adults at the local community college; led 12- to 16-week discussions (called The Understanders) on individual plays; she guides two play readings a month at her home ( The Mermaid Tavern); leads a public Sunday morning reading group; and is working on several books related to Shakespeare, such as “What Shakespeare Can Teach Screenwriters.” She suggested a Shakespeare-themed cruise and its inaugural voyage was in November 2007, where Robin was a featured speaker along with members of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Robin has spent the night on the Globe Theatre stage in London, and has several times sat for performances in the Lord’s Box above the stage itself. She has three times been a speaker at the Shakespearean Authorship Conference held at the Globe Theatre in London, and is a member of the Shakespearean Authorship Trust (begun in London in 1922) at the invitation of Mark Rylance, past Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 1995 – 2005.

If you happen to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico, join the Santa Fe Shakespeare Society readers any Sunday morning to read aloud in a like-minded group: Santa Fe Shakespeare Close Readers.

John Tollett is an award-winning designer/illustrator whose experience includes art direction for advertising agencies, book and magazine design/production, and web design/development. John has also spent the night on the Globe Theatre stage in London, attended the Shakespeare at Sea cruises, and reads the plays aloud with Robin’s readers. Coming from a small-town southern background, John is quite amazed at how much Shakespeare has permeated his life.