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I just love thinking about folks getting their TSPs and reading them while lingering over the second cup of morning coffee or propping the issue up next to a bouquet of spring-is-coming flowers, waiting for a good read after coming home from work, or reading and discussing how to put one’s best foot forward with the next person to walk around the corner, unless his gait gives him away! It would be fun to know when and where most folks read their TSPs: in bed? with wine? out loud, with friend(s)? Better with coffee or tea, or an apple? Who rips open the envelope immediately and who puts it, unopened, aside, savoring the waiting until the right time to get to it? And then where do they put it? I stash mine in my office but that means they don’t get seen so that now I’m thinking I need a second subscription for the public me, with all the back issues, so they can be out where people can see them.

Elizabeth West

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I received my beautiful booklet on proverbs yesterday and I must say this is the best one yet or rather my favorite so far! I’m in love with fonts and lettering and to learn that you and John did the lettering yourselves? I spent Saturday night reading through it, over and over again. A slice of heaven.


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Each of these 16-page marvels are a wonderfully designed exploration into a specific theme of Shakespeare’s works, and worth having. . . . Too much scholarship can take the fun out of Shakespeare, so you get just enough info to educate you on a small subject. These are very easy to follow along in (it’s only 16 pages!) and if you want more, you can get extra tidbits through email every now and then if you’d like. I only wish I could get more issues more often!

It’s very easy to got lost in the forest of knowledge of Shakespeare’s works; the Shakespeare Papers is a wonderful guide to exploring the beauty contained in each tree. At $38 a year for 6 booklets, I would strongly recommend getting a subscription for yourself and one for a friend.

Gedaly Guberek
The Bard Blog, a Shakespeare Resource Site

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Robin, today I read the first three volumes of The Shakespeare Papers. I am so slayed by what a beautiful mind you have. The elegance of your scholarship, writing, and design are wonderful. And John is clearly a national treasure.

Cynthia Katona
Professor of English
Ohlone Community College, Fremont, California

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I think your concept for these wee bits of Shakespeare is so amazing . . . and the way you’ve executed that concept is just gorgeous! I’m going to be teaching a senior honors class next year, Shakespeare and the English Renaissance, and I plan to use your booklets for it. I haven’t figured out exactly how, but I know they’re going to be fabulous!

Jennifer Bogut, eNotes editor
Review of The Shakespeare Papers at eNotes.com: eNotes Review

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Your project provides a valuable service in organizing and emphasizing key concepts to help us isolate Shakespeare’s experience and insight in these areas. It is interesting to compare his take on differering perspectives by using the motif in varying ways.

These booklets offer students the chance to think about Shakespeare’s views on common objects, events, etc., and how he applies his creative detail to each. I really like reading them and hope our campus library will adopt them. I may speak to our public library as well, as these are a terrific way to introduce students or casual readers to Shakespeare’s brilliant mind.

The artwork is exquisite! They add another rich layer of meaning and beauty to the project. What a great pairing!

Debra Johanyak
Professor of English
The University of Akron Wayne College
author of the upcoming “One-Minute Shakespeare”

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Awards for The Shakespeare Papers!

We are pleased to announce that the first four issues of The Shakespeare Papers (2008) won a Gold Davey Award. The Davey Award is a design contest specifically for design and advertising firms that bill less than $5 million a year (ha ha ha! that’s us). Among more than 4,000 entries, the Gold award is given to no more than ten percent of entries, so we are very proud to have won.

In 2009, we won a Silver Davey Award, and in 2010 an AIGA-New Mexico award for Design Excellence. La!

Robin Williams and John Tollett