The Booklets

These delightful booklets are 20 pages each, including the cover, on heavy, glossy stock. They measure 6 by 9 inches and are in full color. There are six topics, and each topic is repeated once a year (with different information, of course). Since they are color-coded on the outside, your library shelf will soon begin to display your collection in easy-to-find visual sets.

We guarantee that in each issue you will find new tidbits of information that not only enlighten and illuminate the plays, but that also illuminate your own life and encourages ways to bring Shakespeare into your home on a daily basis! All of the booklets are designed to be interesting and provocative to anyone, regardless of one’s familiarity with the Shakespearean works.

The issue on Morning includes an insert with explanatory text about the quotes because so many of them use mythological references. Not sure what “Aurora’s harbinger” is when you see it in the sky (or read it in the play)? Or why the Ghost of Hamlet’s father is concerned when he scents the Morning’s Air? Confused about who the heck Romeo refers to when he mentions “the pale reflex of Cynthia’s brow”?

The issue called Eye of Newt explains the underlying significance of everything the Wyrd Sisters put in the cauldron in Macbeth. For instance, Eye of Newt is an ancient term for mustard seed, and Toe of Frog is a leaf from the Bulbous Buttercup plant.

Discarded Words focuses on words that Shakespeare invented that we don’t use anymore. It comes with a little PostIt pad so you can write down the word, post it on your fridge, and use that word as many times as possible. Let’s bring these words back into our language!

The Bells issue collects the mystical potency of bells that “speak” and provide powerful protection.

We’ve created booklets that focus on the taverns named in the plays with an encouragement to provide your own home with a provocative name; on a few of the many proverbs in the plays so you can see how Shakespeare uses common phrases to connect with the audience; on the recurrence of tears and blood mentioned together so you become more aware of such groupings; on the rhetorical devices Shakespeare uses to manipulate readers and viewers into an emotional response; the symbolism of the flowers in Hamlet; we discovered that Portia betrayed her father’s will in revealing the secret of the caskets; we dug up the secrets of the Nine Mens Morris in A Midsummer Nights Dream and provide you with a playing board; and so much more.

Every booklet is completely redesigned, offering visual delight as well as intellectual entertainment.

If you are an educational institution or library and would like a sample issue before deciding whether to subscribe, please email us at and we will be happy to send you an issue.

If you are a Shakespeare gift shop and would like to sell individual booklets in your store, please email us for information.