Past Workshop: Dennis Krausnick • Master Class | September 11 – 13 2009

The Shakespeare Papers is thrilled to announce that we’re sponsoring a Master Class by Dennis Krausnick, cofounder of Shakespeare & Company, here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 11 – 13, 2009. This class is open to actors of all levels, as well as Shakespeare readers, teachers, and students. There are two tiers: Active Participants and Keen Observers.

The focus of this Master Class is on the Shakespearean Sonnets: How does a mastery of the sonnet form become an asset to an actor’s or reader’s speaking of Shakespeare’s text—and to our general understanding? This workshop mixes lecture, dialogue, and hands-on work on selected sonnets prepared by participants.

The 154 miraculous creations published in 1609 have been explored and questioned for four centuries. Are they unrelated vignettes, each telling its own brief history of the soul? Or was their sequence carefully planned to create a continuing story line? Are they an autobiographical peek into the personal life of one of the world’s greatest artists? Or are the sonnets a rigorous exercise in the art of mastering one of poetry’s most restrictive and artificial forms? Are they the personal manifesto of whoever speaks them in the moment of that speaking? Why do some appear more finished than others, and what are we to make of differences in structure?

You can choose to be an Active Participant or a Keen Observer.

Active Participants $350
A maximum of twelve hands-on Active Participants will be accepted for this workshop. You will work on delivery, structure of the verse, embodying the four-line thought, breath, and delivering the rhetoric of the Sonnet. Sonnet work can be quite emotional, particularly when we explore the individual’s personal connection to the selected sonnet.

Keen Observers $250
Observers will be able to watch the work of the Active Participants and hear all lecture components of the workshop. Observers will be able to participate or watch the voice and movement components of the workshop depending upon the individual’s desire and depending upon the space available in the room.

Friday • Sept. 11 • 6 – 9 p.m.
Saturday • Sept. 12 • 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday • Sept. 13 • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Dennis Krausnick’s love of Shakespeare has led him to become one of the finest interpreters of the Shakespearean works. A cofounder of the world-renowned Shakespeare & Company training program in Lenox, Massachusetts, Dennis has developed a unique method that is focused on developing the actor’s voice, as well as his/her intellect and imagination.

To sign up:
For more information about the workshop and to apply:
or call 413.637.1199 ext. 106 in Massachusetts.