Because Shakespeare sites are so numerous and easy to find, below are just a few special links that have to do with the Shakespearean works.

Santa Fe Shakespeare Close Readers If you live in or visit the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, join us for our Sunday morning readings! We read through a Shakespeare play slowly so we understand every line.

Shakespeare’s Plays and Poems Access the First Folio or Quarto readings of every play and poem, plus view facsimiles of the original printed pages. provides a searchable database of the texts.

Birds and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Combine birding and Shakespeare! The region around Ashland, Oregon offers some of the best birdwatching in North America. Add to your theater experience at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival by joining Rich Hoyer, a Senior Leader of WINGS, for a week of birdwatching each morning, followed by a play each day.

An Online Guide to Shakespeare the Neologist  This is a site that Lauren, a student in the class of Ms. Deborah Ward in Delaware, thought would be a good link for The Shakespeare Papers. Thank you, Ms. Ward and Lauren!